Ohio Woman Suspected of Killing People with Cabbage Juice

Ohio Woman Suspected of Killing People with Cabbage Juice September 3, 2018
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A poop cult is taking over social media. Cult leader Jillian Epperly has convinced her followers that pooping is the only way to rid the body of disease. Jillian Epperly encourages her followers to drink fermented cabbage to rid their body of every illness. She has written a few “books” on her protocol. She claims her protocol is the answer for all disease. Her followers are encouraged to abandon all pharmaceuticals, medications, treatments, adhere to a strict diet, and stop all supplements. Jillian Epperly is not a doctor or scientist. She is a dangerous con-artist that is hurting people and has been linked to several suspected deaths.

Jilly Juice is a mix of cabbage, kale, Himalayan salt, and water. Her protocol tells people to drink 2-16 cups of this fermented mix each day.

The recipe she tells people to make is 2 cups water, 2 cups cabbage or kale, and one tablespoon of salt. Jillian says her juice is a probiotic that increases good bacteria into the body.

Jillian decided through extensive internet research that the root of all medical issues is Candida. She is not a doctor nor does she have a biochemistry degree.

Candida or yeast naturally occurs in all human bodies. However, she suggests that the overgrowth of candida causes cancer, chronic illness, disease, and homosexuality.

Science has already shown that candida does not cause any of these issues. At worst candida overgrowth can cause itching, rashes, and pain.

In her book, she outlines that reasons why candida causes all kinds of havoc in the body. Her science is terrible, and the sources she uses for her book are generally derived from websites by quack and woo doctors.

She encourages readers to stop taking medications, pharmaceuticals, supplements, and to stop exercising. All of these are toxins that she feels cause mutations in the body. The answer for all the worlds diseases and illnesses can only be cured through her Jilly Juice.

(By suggesting individuals stop life-saving medications, she is putting them at risk of death.)

Jillian is a convincing and compelling marketer. She has figured out how to tap into the desperation felt by the chronically ill. To compel people to begin the protocol, she insists her juice can reverse every known ailment.

Some of her most ridiculous claims include:

Jilly juice can regrow limbs and organs

Reverse homosexuality

Cure cancer

Reverse autism, ADHD, and other mental health issues

Cabbage juice can reverse Down Syndrome

Cure AIDS and HIV

Living until the age of 400

Jillian cannot substantiate any of these claims. She consistently says in YouTube videos that all these claims are in the process of being verified.  However, we know via science there is no basis for her claims.

Jilly Juice is said to remove all the toxins, candida, and disease from the body by creating “waterfalls” or explosive diarrhea. Individuals drink the beverage and purge by vomiting and pooping out the “toxins.”

Diarrhea can result in dehydration by striping the body of its natural electrolyte balance. Severe diarrhea can lead to death.

Like most Woo Snake oil salespeople, Jillian is heavily suspect of the medical community. She believes that vaccines are toxic. The medical community is a corporation, and the industry is designed to profit off keeping people sick.

Individuals that are chronically ill are lured into her cult by promises of cures to terminal diseases. Many people are desperate to cure their diseases they will try anything. Her juice has been subject to speculation of speeding up deaths of individuals on hospice.

Bruce Wilmot had stage four pancreatic cancer. His family said he was vulnerable and desperate to cure cancer. He started the protocol of fermented cabbage juice. Within a month of starting the protocol, Bruce was dead.

Due to the amount of salt in her juice, Bruce became so dehydrated and emaciated it sped up his death. The family has obtained lawyers to sue Jillian.

Jillian for her part has denied the claims that her protocol killed Bruce. She tells her followers that he didn’t drink enough of the juice. She takes zero responsibility for his death.

Two women on an episode of Dr. Phil said after starting her protocol they got sicker. Karin told Dr. Phil she began to feel cramps and pain. She described feeling like she had spikes in her head. Following a doctors appointment, Karin had an MRI that showed she had suffered two strokes.

A doctor on Dr. Phil described the dangers Jilly Juice poses to the body.

The reason people are getting sicker from the juice is due to the amount of salt they are ingesting on a daily basis. Jillian recommends people drink up to 1 gallon of her juice a day. Each cup of her juice contains a lot salt. Her protocol recommends people ingest up to 1 cup of salt per day.

Poison Control Center describes salt poising in the following way:

“Salt poisoning can occur when too much salt is injected in a short period of time. According to Poison Control the result of salt poisoning is the following:Too much sodium can cause dangerous, even fatal effects. When there’s too much sodium in the bloodstream, water rushes out of our cells to dilute it. That’s damaging to most cells; it’s devastating to brain cells. As they shrink, they’re torn away from their usual locations. Torn blood vessels and fluid build-up in the brain cause seizures and coma. Fluid can build up in the lungs, causing trouble breathing. Other symptoms include intense thirst, nausea, vomiting, and weakness. Kidney damage also occurs.”

Jilly juice not only dehydrates people by creating excessive diarrhea, but it also has to potential to poison patients with salt. Salt poisoning further dehydrates the body.

Numerous advocates have spoken out against her practices. Several people filed an anonymous complaint to the Ohio Attorney General. In May, the Ohio Attorney general announced they were investigating Jillian for fraud. They have demanded Epperly provide evidence for the claims she makes on her website and social media.

Critics of Epperly have created Facebook groups and pages to stop her from harming more people. Groups like Exposing Jillian’s Juice, work to report her and shut down her Social Media presence. The page Debunking the Jilly Juice protocol shares screenshots and groups for critics to join.

YouTuber Jeff Holiday has a four-part series that breaks down the whacky, quakery, and danger of Jillian’s protocol.

Part 1

Dance of Diarrhea

Jilly’s Crapfesto

Crap hits the Fan

If you have the time to watch, his take on her protocol is insightful, educational, and hilarious.

Jilly Juice is a lie and a scam. Jillian Epperly is a con artist that is using a Woo medicine approach to exploit and manipulate desperate people. While no deaths are directly linked to her juice, allegations persist that the juice accelerated the death of several people. Her allegedly created strokes and high blood pressure in others.

Do not use or consume Jilly Juice. This is just another quack trying to make a buck off pseudoscience. Her cult of followers is not only at risk of financial exploitation but death. Hopefully, the Ohio Attorney General will be victorious in shutting down her business.

Stay Tuned.

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  • OMG this is despicable

  • Jim Jones

    That’s a lot of salt. Too much salt OR too much water can kill you.

    The cabbage/kale may be OK except for the taste. And the gas.

  • I cannot fathom why anyone would think what she is saying is rational. It’s just crazy!

  • WallofSleep

    Ugh. When I read the link to this post, I swear I thought it was going to be a link to Laughing in Disbelief.

  • ephemerol

    Well, you can’t disprove it. Oh, wait…

    Science has already shown that candida does not cause any of these issues.

    I’m sold. Where do I sign up? /s

  • guerillasurgeon

    Hell, I just found out yesterday that Jordan Peterson and his daughter eat nothing but beef salt and water. And he’s supposed to be intelligent.

  • Michael Neville

    Intelligence does not mean rationality.

  • pretty muchj

  • pretty much!

  • Yeah, Sorry! This is a true story

  • oh they do – her entire cult is crazy

  • yep

  • The Bofa on the Sofa

    I have said it many times, it is too bad I have ethics. People are way too easy to scam.

  • guerillasurgeon

    Maybe not, but according to all his fan boys he is the epitome of rationality, and the rest of us are screaming emotional wrecks who take him out of context.:)

  • They are just as bad as the black salve and urine people.

  • They are! They are wikd

  • People that believe conspiracy theories are easily scammed

  • Jim Jones

    > And he’s supposed to be intelligent.

    Says who?

  • raven

    Jordan Peterson who???
    His 15 minutes of fame are now up.
    He has written a lot and has a lot of videos out there.
    As soon as people started looking at him he was finished.
    He will have an afterlife as a conperson and crackpot on the lunatic fringes with such luminaries as Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones.

  • What a horrible way to eat. Even when I tried low-carb dieting I never limited myself to one type of food (although if I had had to pick just one menu item it probably would have been chicken Caesar salads, hold the croutons.)

    Can’t see this diet being healthy for Peterson in the long term. If he doesn’t end up with hypercholesterolemia and cardiovascular problems, the lack of fibre in the diet is putting him at risk for colon problems.

  • Rann

    You have to be careful reading Laughing in Disbelief…….. these days, too many of his columns are serious. Trump and his followers have released the flood gates of the crazy.

  • WallofSleep

    It was the line “A poop cult is taking over social media” that had me convinced it was LiD. I bet when you started blogging you never imagined you’d ever write a line like that in all seriousness.

  • Nope! Never once. But I’m learning all you folks like to read about this quakery. So I will keep on digging it up for you

  • WallofSleep

    I thank you for your service.

  • You are very welcome! It’s actually kind of fun to see just how crazy people can be.

  • EmmaDaoust

    What’s worse is that his daughter Mikaela is counselling people about her “diet” over the phone for C$90 a pop. She has absolutely no medical training, no nutritional training, no nothing. She says all she’s doing is talking to people about her experience. It’s absolutely disgusting. She would probably have very little exposure but for the fact that her father is ‘famous’. Caveat emptor indeed.

  • tragerstreit

    She also tried to con a childhood friend with ALS out of their money. http://www.gifhy.com/alsfts/2018/08/30/protip-maaaaaaybe-dont-prey-on-dying-friends/

  • Benjamin Muller

    Obviously “they” are hiding the Truth…

  • Benjamin Muller

    I love sauerkraut too, but this is taking it a bit too far.

  • Duh

  • Freodin

    I am all for alternative medicine! It is just so much more effective and scientific that this big-pharma, big-research, big-butt cooperation crap.

    But the sheeple simply do not understand that. Why, just recently one of these cooperate-shill judges sentenced me to life in prison, because he held to this completely rebunked idea that a knife thrust into the heart was harmful to people.

    But I know that it just adds natural ventilation to the bloodflow and thus is completely healthy. There are tons of other reasons why all the people I stabbed died! Most likely they took too much prescribed medication.

    It’s a conspiracy to silence me, I tell you!

  • are you serious?

  • Freodin

    What, I was not over-the-top enough?

    Ok, I get it. There is no position idiotic enough so that some people won’t hold it.

    So, ehm: The above post was meant as a satire. I don’t think “alternative medicine” is valid. I don’t go around stabbing people, I have never been in conflict with the law, and I tend to forget my [/sarc] tags.


  • DoctorDJ

    When Dr. Phil has to point out that what you’re doing is stupid and dangerous….

  • LOL! I thought so – but I’m very sleep deprived right now.

  • Stacey Eddings

    This chic us as crazy as the lady in starvation heights . She killed a bunch of people by starvation.

  • Greg G.

    The recipe she tells people to make is 2 cups water, 2 cups cabbage or kale, and one tablespoon of salt.

    That’s a simplified kim chi recipe. Kim chi makes a great side dish but don’t go off your meds.

  • B.E. Miller

    I can see why people with chronic and/or serious illnesses could be taken in by such claims. They’re sick, tired of being sick, and looking desperately for something that will cure them.

  • they are easy targets.

  • I also get it. I am sure it is very frustrating to be sick

  • Raging Bee

    I hope you’re right, or that you become right soon.

  • Sounds like Jilly took her own advice, first. She’s apparently off her meds.

  • I don’t know what the yield is for that recipe but a tablespoon of salt is 15 grams. 1/2 of ordinary table salt (or any other salt that’s consumed by humans) is sodium. 7.5 grams of salt is 3 times the RDA for persons on “Normal” diets. A 1/2 pound of salt/day would likely kill most people in pretty short order.

  • Since most of Dr. Phil’s nonsense is stupidangerous, squared…

  • It is very difficult to poe those idiots these days.

  • I go to the bar and ask them for a nice “Jillyrita”.

    It’s made by taking a margarita glass, dipping the rim in takeylah and then filling it with a delicious artisanal sea salt. YUM!

  • Intelligent don’t mean the same thing as smart.

  • “Can’t see this diet being healthy for Peterson in the long term”


  • Do you know who else used to say his critics wre all like that? Well, there goes the thread…

  • Soon to be a movie with Bill Murray, “TRUTHbusters!”.

  • In other countries, the ones without massive nuclear arsenals and other WMD, maybe! {;>(

  • I’ve been in pain for years. People constantly tell me that I should stop taking Ibu or other pain relievers in favor of some expensive, magic goop/supplement or “medicine”. They all, usually, sell such or have a family member who does.

  • Richard Bushong

    Eat lots of fish (not fried), lean proteins, and green vegetables stay away from starches and any processed foods , shrimp and crab is ok to. If you are over 50 my Dr said the danger from mercury in some fish will never affect me in my lifetime, she said it only affects the early learning years and compromised immune systems.

  • This is, in fact, the most brilliant way to carry out assassinations.

  • Brianna LaPoint

    Autism eh? it would be awesome if society would accept ADD and Autism
    as it is rather than try to cure it. I have a friend that took cannabis for cancer, and he even admitted it delayed the cancer. I tell people not to believe everything that they read, sad truth is the lady shouldnt go to jail, because people need to question what other people think is healthy or good.

  • shouldn’t go to jail? Even if she is breaking laws?