Anonymous Pastor Makes Embarrassing Confession on Reddit

Anonymous Pastor Makes Embarrassing Confession on Reddit October 8, 2018

Now and then Reddit gives me a little gem that I have to share. Today as I was perusing the “confessions” subreddit, I found a confession from a pastor. The Username UPoopinPastor told the group about the first sermon he ever gave to his church. His admission is stinky, foul, and will make you laugh.

According to the user, the first time he went to give a sermon he was nervous. He said that he got “nervous diarrhea,”  right as the deacon introduced him to the congregation. Instead of taking care of his problem, the pastor jumped onto the stage. The rest of the entry is for your reading enjoyment:

I am a church pastor, and I pooped on stage when I gave my first sermon from r/confession

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