We have a big problem in the United States with over-population of dogs. Americans have a fascination with purebred dogs. Because of our obsession with a pure blood lines, commercial puppy mills push out thousands of dogs annually to pet-stores across the country. The result is millions of dogs surrendered to shelters every year. According to the ASCPA, 6.2 million animals enter shelters every single year. Shelters euthanize 1.5 million animals every year. 56% of dogs in shelters are killed. The… Read more

  Every couple of weeks, I get a ding to my phone from Facebook. A notification alerts me that someone is inviting me to an event. My eyes light up, and I get excited to find out about the party. I click the notification to find out the details. A frown forms on my face, and I feel like I want to punch the host or hostess. Unfortunately, I didn’t get invited to a swanky dinner party or birthday party…. Read more

  I love watching documentary films. My favorite documentaries to watch are related to crime, cults, and fringe communities. Last night I got a treat when I found a newish documentary on the Jonestown massacre. The Jonestown mass suicide happened almost 40 years ago. In fact, Jim Jones and his posse committed mass suicide the same week I was born. As we approach the 40th anniversary, the media is uncovering new details to share. I’ve watched every film or show… Read more

  The Washington Post is reporting that former White House Aide Omarosa Manigault Newman was offered hush money after her departure from her job last year. Listen, I’m all for a salacious story about the president, but its hard to believe coming from Omarosa. However, the Washington Post was able to verify some of her claims via taped recordings. Despite my reluctance to believe her, there may be something to this story. Here are the deets straight from her book…. Read more

  Catherine Oxenberg’s new book came out on Tuesday. As expected her book details new allegations about the cult that are salacious and juicy.  Oxenberg said Keith had a lot of plans. One of those plans was to rule the world. He wanted to start his journey of world domination by infiltrating and controlling Mexico. I’m not sure if Keith knows, but Mexico isn’t top on the list as a foreign powerhouse. However, sounds like he had an in with Emiliano Salinas,… Read more

  I use to be a big Kanye West fan. However, the past few years it has been painful for me to support his behavior. Kanye has had a rough year with a lot of very public outbursts. When I saw that Jimmy Kimmel interviewed him, I had to watch the train-wreck unfold. Jimmy Kimmel talked to Kanye West last night, and Kanye acted just like Kanye. In the full interview posted on YouTube, the conversation is rambling, incoherent, and grandiose…. Read more

  I want to get something off my chest, and it’s been eating away at my heart for the past five years. As a parent of a child with disabilities, I have heard a lot of insensitive comments. For the most part, I try not to dwell on the things that bother me. However, there is one statement that makes my heart pain, my stomach drop, and I feel a slight rage when I hear the words. When I first… Read more

  Utah is a state notorious for cults. Many factions have broken off from the Mormon church to practice fundamental Mormonism and polygamy. Today a cult is in the news for the sentencing of one the “prophets” for child sodomy and child bigamy offenses. John Coltharp received a sentence of 25 years to life in prison. He is a founding member of the Knights of the Crystal Blade which is a two-for-one Doomsday and polygamy cult. What makes them even more… Read more

  A cleaning crew cleaning an airplane bathroom made a gruesome discovery on Tuesday, August 7th in New York. While changing out the garbage, the team noticed what appeared to be a dead fetus. The discovery was made on an American Airlines Airbus 321 around 7:30 am. Crew members turned over the fetus to their superiors, and the identity of the mother was unknown. Now authorities believe they have located the mother of the dead fetus. An 18-year-old appears to… Read more

    The NFL is making headlines for reasons other than players kneeling for the anthem or the dangers of concussions. CNN reported yesterday that male dancers are making their debuts on the sidelines this season for two teams.  The Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints added male dancers to their cheer squads. For the first times, it appears rampant sexism within the NFL will take a backseat as men join the dancing ranks. Since the NFL is more… Read more

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