The NFL is making headlines for reasons other than players kneeling for the anthem or the dangers of concussions. CNN reported yesterday that male dancers are making their debuts on the sidelines this season for two teams.  The Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints added male dancers to their cheer squads. For the first times, it appears rampant sexism within the NFL will take a backseat as men join the dancing ranks. Since the NFL is more… Read more

  Yesterday my family and I experienced a significant loss. Our beloved cat, Monty, died peacefully at our home. Monty was a great cat, and one of our best friends. After a year of chronic illness, we chose to euthanize him in our house. Until recently, I didn’t know animals could be euthanized at home. However, there are veterinary practices that specialize in helping families say goodbye in the comfort of their own homes. Pets become an integral part of… Read more

  Raising a child with a chronic health condition can be challenging from many perspectives. I have had to learn how to navigate the medical world. Additionally, I needed to learn about managing and advocating for his health-related conditions. While I don’t have a medical background, learning about his disease has never been a challenge for me. My most significant obstacle as his mother has been helping my son understand his limitations and how the conditions affect his body. Recently,… Read more

  Betsy DeVos is in the news today for all the wrong reasons. Newsweek published an article yesterday about her family registering a $40 million yacht to the Cayman Islands. Since she became the U.S Secretary of Education, she’s been trying her hardest to destroy the public education system in America. Her administration has rolled back Obama era policies that protected the rights of transgender children and those related to children that qualify for special education. If not for Congress… Read more

  Another day, another article detailing research done to determine the cause of autism. Scientists and medical professionals, work diligently to try to understand the cause of autism. A new study published last week in Transitional Psychiatry is drawing a ton of attention. Scientists did a study to determine if mothers with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome have a higher chance of having a child with autism. While the media wants people to believe there is a higher risk for mothers with… Read more

      When I became a mother, I never realized there were so many rules to parenting. Nor did I anticipate how the choices I made as a mother would be scrutinized, analyzed, or criticized by just about anyone with an opinion. What makes it worse is some of the most hurtful comments come from the mouths of other mothers.   Everything seems to be up for debate when it comes to all things motherhood. There is no such… Read more

  Anti-vaccination groups do a great job of scaring people about the dangers of vaccines. Anytime I post on the topic, I get many nastygrams from anti-vax parents. If I didn’t have a father who worked a career in public health, I might have fallen victim to their propaganda. Thankfully, he taught me the value of herd immunity. Vaccinating my son was never a question. However, for populations less educated on the topic, the anti-vax groups can be incredibly compelling… Read more

  Yesterday a human-trafficking ring burst wide open with the arrest of an Ohio man. Authorities arrested Ronald Hellman, 50, on four counts of compelling prostitution of a minor. Investigators believe the case involves more than 80 victims and spans 15 years. Hellman’s arrest was in connection with a previous arrest of Charles Krusak, 77, last month on charges of child pornography. Authorities believe the two parties conspired together in the trafficking ring. The investigation started last month with a… Read more

  Last week a Shakayla Denson drowned her daughter in the Hillsborough River in Florida. News regarding the murder has been widely covered in media. On Friday, August 3rd, the Tampa Bay Police Department gave a detailed account of the events that transpired. In a video, posted to their facebook page, Chief Dugan provided a timeline and answered questions regarding the murder. The time is as follows: 3:09 pm – Shakayla Denson stole a 2007 Nissan Altima from a car lot…. Read more

  Catherine Oxenberg’s new book Captive: A Mother’s Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult was released this morning. As a part of the media blitz, Catherine sat down with People Magazine to discuss her fight to save her daughter. There is even a happy ending to her battle to get her daughter back. She reported that her daughter broke from the sex-slave cult. In the interview, Catherine discussed how she learned from a friend in spring 2017 that her daughter, India, was… Read more

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