When I first started using the DoTERRA products in spring 2017, I loved the way the oils smelled. My husband and I both had trouble sleeping, and we rubbed a few of the oils on our feet. Initially, we found the oils relaxing and calming. During the day I diffused citrus oils to help invigorate my mood. I noticed the oils not only made the air smell better, but they helped me feel better. The better I felt using the… Read more

  Every day there is something new coming out about the NXIVM case. Though some aspects of the case are widely reported, other components remain a mystery. Thanks to the Frank Report, I got my hands on a copy of the memorandum filed by the U.S. Attornies regarding the bail of the four women charged last week. The memo detailed the false imprisonment of a woman for more than two years by Lauren Salzman. Another detail of the memo included… Read more

  Eleven years ago a man I went to high school with raped me. I knew there might be challenges in bringing him to justice. However, I felt hopeful a thorough investigation could bring him to trial. Despite the evidence and statements the investigators received from my perpetrator, Nick Kozlack, the police never charged him with the crime. Instead of charging my perp, officers used the information against me. Officers made the decision that I fabricated the story out of… Read more

  For the past three years, Tim Tebow has hosted a “Night to Shine” a prom designed for individuals with disabilities. Last February more than 500 churches participated in the event. There were an estimated 75,000 children with disabilities that attended the events. People watching felt good that these kids had a chance to do something fun. The media widely reported the event as “feel good” news. However, there are a growing number of organizations and parents, like me, that… Read more

  Actress Catherine Oxenberg’s daughter India is part of the NXIVM cult. Catherine is on a media blitz trying to save her daughter. I first saw her interviewed by Megan Kelly on the today show. As a mother, I can sympathize with her despair in wanting to save her child. Perhaps the most heartbreaking part of the story is that Catherine introduced her daughter to the group in 2011. Catherine took a few courses in the Executive Success Program through… Read more

  My family lives in a beautiful community nestled between a river and farmland. Life here is relatively quiet. Kids run freely through the neighborhood. My son is autistic, and the kids are relatively patient with my son. However, there have been times his behavior or reactions have scared the kids. Yesterday after an incident where my son lost his temper, I realized it was time to talk to the kids about autism and my son’s health conditions. Before I… Read more

Recently, I had the rare moment to meet a friend and go out to lunch. Her daughter was in the hospital, and I took her out to get her mind off the stress. We were giddy sitting in a trendy restaurant that served Nitro Coffee, homemade donuts, and truffle french fries. For a moment, I thought to myself how meeting a friend out had become such a strange part of my life. I also considered how meeting her out when… Read more

  My first introduction to LuLaRoe came in winter 2016 from a blogger friend that had a side hustle of shilling LuLaRoe. She wanted to sell me some leggings. However, the clothing manufactured by LuLaRoe was not my taste. By fall 2016, I had at least 10 Facebook “Friends” selling the Buttery Soft Legging made by LuLaRoe. At one point, I had been added to 25 different Facebook Groups selling LuLaRoe.  Early on I could tell this company was going… Read more

The twisted world of Keith Raniere fell apart after his arrest in March. Despite his arrest, NXIVM, the group he founded, continued to host events, recruit new members, and offer courses to the many suckers in their organization. Following Raniere’s March Arrest, fellow leaders within NXIVM have also been arrested, including four additional women last week. Since the arrests, most of the news coverage focuses on the legal proceedings. NXIVM kept on teaching despite all the horrible press. Then in… Read more

  As a child, anytime I hurt myself in any way, my devout Catholic grandmother would look at me and say, “God Punished You.” I can’t tell you how many times I heard that phrase in my life. The words seared into my brain. As a child, I felt terrified by God’s power, and I didn’t want to upset him. In fact, I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I wanted everyone to like me, and I wanted to love everyone…. Read more

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