Last night, the whole family watched Ren-Ren "move on" from elementary school.  This is the last time we'll do the Muraco "moving on" ceremony--our whole family is finally "moving on" from elementary school.  Hence, we knew the best part would be the video full of baby pictures, kindergarten pictures, current pictures, and all the years in between.  Here's Ren at 5 months:Here's Ren at 18 months:And here's Ren at his first day of kindergarten:And in his kindergarten portrait:The … [Read more...]

Where I’m From

Yesterday, when I read Ren's poem, it took me 30 minutes before I realized that I too have written a poem inspired by George Ella Lyon's poem "Where I'm from."I wrote the poem as an exercise during an InterVarsity Asian-American Ministries banquet about 5 years ago, but never finished it because we ran out of time.  My sister was sitting next to me and wrote her own--unfortunately, I don't have a copy of hers.  But here's my unfinished draft:Where I'm Fromby Kathy Tuan-MacLeanI am from … [Read more...]

I am From. . .

Maybe because Ren's "graduating" from elementary school, I'm on a roll posting about him. This morning at school, he showed us his accomplishments from this year. Here's the poem he wrote (with his permission) modeled from George Ella Lyon's "Where I'm From":I am FromBy Ren-Ren MacLeanI am from Christmas songs at Christmas     (every note drifting out of a rusty brown piano)I'm from four giant book shelvestowering over me.  Picture books and chapter booksstacked high above … [Read more...]

Chips & Dip–Yet Another Way to Avoid Humiliation

Tonight is Ren's 5th grade picnic--a big deal because Wednesday night he "graduates" from elementary school with a Moving On Ceremony.  Sniff!  After Thursday, we'll be a family of middle schoolers and beyond.Here's an almost verbatim conversation from just now:Me:  I've got to pick up some things at the grocery store today for tonight's picnic.This is exactly what the dip looks likeRen:  What are you bringing?Me:  Chips and DipRen:  What kind of chips and dip? … [Read more...]

Celebrity Crush

I think I have a little celebrity crush going.  I haven’t had a celebrity crush since 7th grade when I thought Scott Baio on Happy Days was the best looking guy on the planet. Although Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Robert Pattinson (Edward of  “Twilight” fame), and Justin Bieber are the male celebrities most talked about in our home, I don't feel partial to them—that would just be creepy given they all could be my sons.Instead, my celebrity crush is almost exactly my age--St … [Read more...]

Strike 2 with Caesar salad

Why am I using baseball terms when the Bruins just won the Stanley Cup?  Because I know nothing about hockey and can’t think of any comparable hockey terms.  So here’s the story:Over the weekend, we did Phase 2 of family rehab (something I’ll blog about soon), and one of the commitments we made was that each kid should cook dinner once a week.  Which means I have to teach two of them how to cook.Tonight it was Ren's turn because the 2 girls were at a meeting and he was the onl … [Read more...]

Where did I go wrong???

On Sunday afternoon at a special youth baptism/confirmation service, Ling was confirmed.  She “confirmed” the baptismal vows we made for her when she was a baby, owning her own faith and commitment to following Jesus.  It was a great and joyous time. As part of the process, she wrote a testimony about her faith journey and presented it during Sunday School to all the kids of the church.  Unfortunately, due to a work engagement, I didn’t hear the testimony (something that inspires l … [Read more...]

Shoe Confessions

My college roommate used to call me Imelda.  Yes, that Imelda—the one married to a Filipino dictator and who owned 2700 pairs of shoes. I don’t have 2700 shoes, but I do have just a little bit of a shoe obsession.  I think it comes from growing up shoe poor.  My Chinese parents grew up food poor.  Mama couldn’t buy roasted sweet potatoes as a snack when all her classmates could, hence her sweet potato obsession.  When 8 year-old Baba asked his father, my Ye-Ye, why they o … [Read more...]