Dang! I did (or didn’t) do it again!

(A follow up to yesterday's post Practicing for the SATs)I just took today's SAT question of the day:If x + 2x is 5 more than y + 2y, then x-y=a.   -5b.  -5/3c.  3/5d.  5/3e.  5It's basic algebra (and a word problem) and I still got it wrong. . . twice!!  I seriously need some math remediation.Last night Ling and I went to the high school to the PSAT prep session where she could pick up her scores from her practice test and get pointers on how to take standardized … [Read more...]

Practicing for the SATs

I’ve previously confessed that I’m a personality test junkie.  Who knew I’d become an SAT junkie as well?A month ago, the high school sent out an invitation for a PSAT prep session along with all the good reasons our student might want to take it.  Even though Ling’s only a freshman, the reasons seemed compelling enough that I forwarded the e-mail to Scott and Ling, and all 3 of us decided to go ahead.We had to go to the Kaplan site to register for the prep session. I’m convinced Kaplan … [Read more...]

Tiger Moms vs. Barbie

Once I learned how to see the stats on this blog, I became addicted to following how many folks are reading, from where, and with what frequency.  So here’s the latest:Hits           Post365            Are Chinese Mothers Superior 197            All you need to know about Barbie Princess Cakes176 & … [Read more...]

Can Tiger Moms practice Indifference?

(This post continues a series on the spiritual discipline of indifference, read #1, #2, #3.  And picks up on posts about Tiger Moms, read #1, #2, #3, #4)Ling's 1st recorded smile after baptismLing-Ling, my oldest child, turns 15 today.  Scott cried when she was born.  Our roommate Gini said, “Wow, she’s so much better than a bird!”  (referring to her pet parakeet Bing who I did not love).  I just felt dazed and distant.   While I felt more attached to Ling than … [Read more...]

Indifference, Celebrity and a Bean Dip you can’t be Indifferent to

(This is post #3 in a series on the spiritual discipline of indifference.  Read #1 and #2)I’m generally relatively indifferent to celebrities although I like to gawk at them like anyone else.  A fun benefit of living in NYC was having random movie stars film throughout the city.  I got to watch Nicole Kidman run through a rain machine at the bottom of our street way back when all I knew about Nicole Kidman was that she had a very famous boyfriend, Tom Cruise, who watched her film a … [Read more...]

Happy Saints and Indifference

(This is the 2nd musing on the spiritual discipline of indifference.  Read #1)I love this picture of St. Ignatius I found online and that it comes from happysaints.com! A student had told me that she thought the discipline of indifference came from St. Ignatius of Loyala.  At my women's weekend away last week, I Googled Ignatius and indifference and found a lot of materials which I shared with my friends. When we weren’t debating my friend’s qualities for eHarmony (read here) … [Read more...]

The Spiritual Discipline of Indifference

You can run but you can’t hide.For the past several weeks, God and I have needed to talk about my attitude problem towards a set of decisions Scott and I need to make.  As I wrote about yesterday in “Tempted to Join eHarmony,” Scott and are polar opposites on almost every spectrum that exists.  That makes decision-making especially hard.  But like Jonah of whale fame, I ran around avoiding the conversation with God.  Last Tuesday, after a morning cancellation, I had 2 free hou … [Read more...]

Tempted to join eHarmony

I’m feeling tempted to sign up with eHarmony.  Not because I’m ready to find another husband—I’m very satisfied with the one I have.  But because I’m just slightly addicted to personality tests and eHarmony is one major personality test!This past weekend I went on a girls’ weekend with 5 friends to celebrate a 40th birthday, and one of the tasks was signing her up for eHarmony.  It took at least 2 hours and we only got about 70% through the whole thing.  Of course, it’s a lot … [Read more...]