Decluttering: 2014’s New Year’s Resolution

Years ago, I pulled an all-nighter with Mama, going through all her rebate offers and throwing away expired ones.  By 4 a.m. we had managed to “earn” about 50 bucks.  Because neither of us had very high income potential, rather than seeing $50 for 20 hours of work as pretty poor pay, even back in the ‘80s, we both thought, “Wow, that’s a lot of money!”Mama looked at me and said, “See?  Isn’t it worth all my junk and papers to make $50?”I’ve finally come to see that there was something wro … [Read more...]


Home has always been a struggle for me.  When I was young it was plain old unsafe.  As soon as I realized I could spend a great deal of time at my friends' homes (which was about 7th grade), I did.   I noticed whose homes were safe, whose parents treated me sideways, whose home was warm, stocked & safe and whose was sterile, hostile and unforgiving. I never thought much about what my own home would be like until I started to watch my best friends get married & I unhelpfully assumed I'd f … [Read more...]