Do Colleges Want My Kid? Or Just Her Application?

I need to ask trees for forgiveness.  Over the last two years, uncountable numbers have been slain in the name of recruiting my child to college.  Ever since she took the PSAT as a sophomore, we’ve been receiving college brochure after college brochure, beautiful full color brochures on heavy paper promising the most transformative 4 years possible for my child.  Every day I separate the mail into piles—recycling, bills, college (sadly rarely personal anything these days)—and college mail far out … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Tiger Mom Failure

Several weeks ago, Ling and I attended our first college application orientation at her high school.  We learned the high school’s policies and heard from 3 local college admissions reps--all very informative and helpful.  And then I lay in bed that night filled with panic that I’ve failed my child by not being the Tiger Mom I should have been.I couldn't help feeling wooed by the lure of helping my child get into an elite college where learning can be amazing, doors can open, networks can be … [Read more...]