Too Sad to Blog

When I train folks in gospel-centered public speaking, I emphasize that we’ve got to identify what’s good news. After all, Jesus started his ministry by proclaiming good news—especially to the poor. That’s what gospel means—good news. When we honk out bad news—no wonder no one’s listening.I don’t hold to that rule 100% in blogging, but I do 95% of the time— because if I can’t identify good news, or at least humor, why add more drag to the planet?So I’ve blogged pretty steadily the pas … [Read more...]

How Facebook almost Broke Really Bad News: Technology’s Unintended Side-Effects

I learned about my father-in-law's death through a text message.  He died while I flew to Los Angeles, my husband presented at a conference in New Orleans and my kids studied in school. Yes, go ahead and heap judgment all over us—believe me—we already have.  My worst nightmare happened, that both parents were out of town when my father-in-law passed.When the wheels hit the tarmac, I texted my husband “Landed."  A second later, a note popped up that he'd left a voicemail.   A bad harbinger.  A … [Read more...]

Still Mourning: Be Gentle

When my father-in-law passed away 2 weeks ago, he was the first of our parents to go. I had no idea how his death would affect us.  The answer so far?  Scott is really really sad.He said his goodbyes, he fulfilled his responsibilities, he did everything he could to work out difficult issues, and Dad was 91 years old—one who’d lived quite a few more years than the expected life-span for his generation.  The death was not a surprise.Yet Scott’s still really really sad.Because he lost hi … [Read more...]

Remembering my Father-in-Law

3 weeks ago, for the first time, I told my father-in-law, Philip Eugene MacLean, that I loved him, and he told me he loved me too, also for the first time.  And then Thursday morning he died after a 5 year long journey with 2 forms of cancer at the age of 91 and 10 months.Dad was a character.  A man who’s always looked 20 years younger than his age, he was vigorous and bull-headed and opinionated.  After his cancer diagnosis at age 87, he decided not to seek treatment because it didn’t make s … [Read more...]