High School Reunion Tips

A friend quoted another friend: “I’m in touch with who I want to be in touch with, so why should I do reunions?” As I attended various events for my 30th high school reunion, I kept thinking about his words.  Because I’m the complete opposite.  I don’t keep in touch with who I want to be in touch with, and that’s why it was good to fly 6000 miles and reacquaint myself with the Punahou class of 1983.On one hand, I do keep in touch.  The nature of my work in campus ministry calls for communicat … [Read more...]

High School Reunion Jitters

In a week I fly to Hawaii for my 30th Punahou high school reunion.And I’m mildly terrified.I haven’t been to a high school reunion since our unofficial “4 year” reunion—one thrown while most of us were seniors in college, home for Christmas, and someone figured there was a better chance of getting a good number then than at our 5th year reunion when many of us would actually have jobs and only 2 weeks of vacation/year.Why haven’t I gone back all these years?Money:  It’s darn expe … [Read more...]