I see him everywhere

I had been composing a blog in my mind while pruning the branches of my weeping cherry tree, a blog about white privilege  and all the cross-cutural training I've received through the years from Universities, scripture, the organization I work with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship or being willing to engage in difficult conversations about ethnicity with friends who look different than me. It was a blog that was going to explore the privileges I have simply because I'm white- even something s … [Read more...]

Why Am I a… Jesus Follower?

 Today I'm answering the blog prompt: Why Am I a... Jesus Follower? in 200 words or less.I'm a Jesus follower......because when I was a kid I remember the profound comfort I felt in the times we spent together reading the Bible and singing old school Baptist hymns....because even though -at first- I hated the Bible for being long, tedious & confusing I knew there was truth to be had....because at 16 I asked God for help out of an abusive relationship & help … [Read more...]