Leaping into the Abyss of Absurdity (also known as Faith)

During freshman “Intro to Philosophy” I learned that Kierkegaard described faith as a leap into the abyss of absurdity.  Yes!  That's what it feels like, I thought to myself.  Ever since choosing to follow Jesus at age 3 because I heard believing in him meant I’d never have to die and that sounded like a good deal to me, I had struggled between  deeply hoping God actually existed and science with its rational worldview.I experienced many “atheistic” moments where an invisible yet omniscient, … [Read more...]

Zip My Lips

I’m a little critical.  OK.  A lot critical.  I blame it on being Chinese.  If the Bible writes “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” the Chinese version would be “I criticize you because I love you.”  So for our Lenten discipline, some friends and I decided to do the Love Dare with our husbands.  Each day, we were supposed to follow the dare of the day.  I got stuck on Day 5 Ask your spouse to tell you three 
things that cause him or her to be 
uncomfortable or irritated with you.
  You must do so … [Read more...]

Lent Success! (For My Kid, Not Me)

My daughter gave up chocolate for Lent.  This amazed me for many reasons:She’s not the sort of kid who so far has evidenced any desire to give up anything for Lent. She’s a foodie She’s an incredible baker who’s constantly churning out treats that make my losing weight New Year’s resolution nigh near impossible She’s so slim that she can eat all the chocolate she wants with no consequences (yes, go ahead and hate her, several of us feel the same way)When Ash Wednesday rolled around … [Read more...]

Should I go to Saudi Arabia?

In April, my husband has the chance to get an all-expense paid trip to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in exchange for giving a talk about health care IT management.  He wants me to go too, mostly so we can spend some alone time together.At first, I thought “Absolutely not!”  My overweening sense of responsibility balked.  After all, it would mean leaving 3 kids home alone (again after my jaunt to Paris in September) and either relying on friends to watch them, or letting them watch themselves.  I also … [Read more...]