Calling Dylan O’Brien

I just sent my very first virgin tweet to a teeny-bopper heart throb.Dylan O'Brien--I'm trying to contact you!Who's Dylan O'Brien you may ask?  Good question, because until 2 days ago, I didn't know either.  I've since learned he's the star of Teen Wolf (a TV program?) and Maze Runner, the new movie I haven't watched yet because I didn't love the books.Most importantly, my friend Julie's daughter, Selena, LOVES him.  As you may have read, Julie died 2 months ago.  And on Tuesday, Sel … [Read more...]

Mourning the Bomber

I don’t know Dzohkhar Tsarnaev.  But the kids of several friends do because he graduated from their high school two years ago.   And all of a sudden, in the same way Boston became a small town because I either directly knew a victim or am a degree or two away from others, I’m struck that I’m only one degree of separation from the perpetrators.Last week as I reeled from the news of the bombing, like many others, I felt outrage towards the nameless and faceless bombers.  How dare they attack my … [Read more...]

Mourning the Bombings

When Scott texted me the news of the Boston Marathon bombing, I was looking at impressionist paintings in the National Gallery ofArt in DC.  We’re spending part of April vacation here both for fun and college visits, and the shocking news felt surreal.  Immediately I wondered if anyone I knew was hurt.  But statistically speaking, with such a crowd, everyone I knew should be well, shouldn't they? Seconds later, he texted that his brother and sister-in-law were fine.  Both qualifiers for the mara … [Read more...]

Still Mourning: Be Gentle

When my father-in-law passed away 2 weeks ago, he was the first of our parents to go. I had no idea how his death would affect us.  The answer so far?  Scott is really really sad.He said his goodbyes, he fulfilled his responsibilities, he did everything he could to work out difficult issues, and Dad was 91 years old—one who’d lived quite a few more years than the expected life-span for his generation.  The death was not a surprise.Yet Scott’s still really really sad.Because he lost hi … [Read more...]