Decision! Colby College 2018

After what’s felt like an arduous 2 year process, Ling has decided to attend Colby College in Maine.   She posted her decision on Facebook Saturday night (181 likes so far), the acceptance form’s in our mailbox right now and the decision’s made 3 whole days before the final deadline!Whew!Can I say it’s been quite the ride?  After 20 some college visits (which apparently is a little out of control judged by the straw polls college admission officers have asked at admitted student days), an … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Tiger Mom Failure

Several weeks ago, Ling and I attended our first college application orientation at her high school.  We learned the high school’s policies and heard from 3 local college admissions reps--all very informative and helpful.  And then I lay in bed that night filled with panic that I’ve failed my child by not being the Tiger Mom I should have been.I couldn't help feeling wooed by the lure of helping my child get into an elite college where learning can be amazing, doors can open, networks can be … [Read more...]