Studies have shown that STS is effective

I used to love those commercials where they would say 9 out 10 doctors prefer so and so product over anything else.  Here on Wrestling With Yourself, we are geared toward a community dialogue on connecting to the Presence.  My concern here is that each of discover the depths of who you really are. Most of us forget which was where the original meaning of sin came from. We have simply forgot or keep forgetting who we are.  We forget that we are spirits, and so we connect to the body most of the time. And by connecting to the body, we connect to the thoughts which put us to sleep, and allow the dream to continue.

So our work is connecting to the silence and contemplating the mysteries that show up in our life.  The other day I was contemplating the omnipresence of God.  Meaning that God is everywhere and in that contemplation, the words, “Our Father”, came forward. I grew up Catholic and I have a certain love for the OUR FATHER.  As I contemplated those two words, and allowed them the depths they deserve, the words led me into the mystery of life. Sometimes in our spiritual quest we proclaim God is everywhere, and God is this or that, but when we do that, we claim to know something, and when we know something, we miss it.  Same is true of any and all relationships with friends, family, partners, we act like we know them, but we only know them truly now. The same is true of the mystery of God. That is why it is important for us to listen. By listening to the space between the words, the silence, a deeper understanding of faith comes forward. We begin to understand from our hearts that life is safe, always working for us, and can be trusted.

Everyday  we experience God (Unconditional Love), as a mystery.  The mystery is unfolding within us and outside of us as one.  The mystery of the known and unknown which is the paradox of Truth.  It can be discovered freely right now.  By beginning to live in the mystery, we begin to have compassion, understanding for all life; including ourselves.  And in being this way in the world, we connect to others as spirits, and our connection becomes a spirit to spirit connection or STS.  This way of being in the world, will begin to shift the planet and humanity.  To no longer knowing something, someone, or life. But to embrace the bigger mystery in each of us, which is unfolding now.  Also by living this way, it allows possibilities to flow, the possibility that you have a reason to wake up every morning brand new, why because you embrace the mystery of life.  So yes God is there, that Presence, and so are is each of us. So embrace the mystery and embrace the spirits in your life.



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