The Naked Mystic: Sunbathing With Spiritual Nudist at a nude beach

I am sure most of you have gone to the beach, or mountain, or hill, somewhere where you were over looking the vast perspective of nature.  As you overlooked the vast, endless ocean, you glimpsed something amazing.  I hope you did, even for a minute. What you may have glimpsed was that you are in it. You are in the heart of God!  The heart beat of life. That you are life itself expressing in its fullness, just like the ocean, the birds, and tree’s.  That right where you are is life.  LIFE ITSELF EXPRESSING FULLY. Do you see that ? Do you get that? Isn’t that inspiring?!  Does that fill your heart with expansiveness?  It does mine.  In fact it makes me want to laugh, cry, dance, and get wild.

As a spiritual nudist we bath in the ALL of the omnipresence of life.  We understand and realize that the presence of life is everywhere and separation is futile, just like resistance, fighting, wars, drama, chaos, for they are all lies of the mind.  Spiritual nudist are honest and with their selves, others, and value life with high standards. They respect themselves, and others.  When they error in life and forget who they are, they quickly forgive, and apologize, not because of anything other than the fact that they understand that there is something bigger that we are all in that is leading us, loving us, and breathing us.  The spiritual nudist is completely naked to this Truth. It lives and lets life live as it and in it.  A spiritual nudist basks in the SUN LIGHT, allowing the light to shine and express through it no matter what. A spiritual nudist uses prayer and meditation to protect itself from the hypnotism of the world.  As the world tries and tries to convince you that you are not light, love, or worth.  A spiritual nudist loves to worship and give thanks and realizes that by giving thanks it is like taking a bath in appreciation everyday.  The spiritual nudist realizes that everything is given to him/her and so, “I of my own self can do nothing.”  A nudist loves to express, create, laugh, and lives in certainty. The nudist listens and takes action in the presence. It realizes that the presence is heaven and it will no longer leave it for hell, which is past and future.

Spiritual nudists realize that blame, complain, gossip, judgment comes from not accepting what is, what has happened, and so the energy is useless. Why discuss things that didn’t happen the way you wanted. Since the spiritual nudist understand that there is only one source moving this world and worlds then it is best to listen to it and take action.  This is real grace.

(Worship in the old English term means WORTH SHIP, giving thanks for your worthiness, that is the worship I am describing here. That we are worthy to express and celebrate our light, that there no God that is unloving toward anyone, it accepts everyone no matter your path, journey, circumstance, etc…so come home and bath with us.)

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