Peace is not a Thought

Our minds are out of control, doing their best to convince us that there is something better than peace of mind.  Most people attend a religion and/or spiritual practice, and yet life is found here. It is quite easy to brush things off when things are going well in your life; whatever well is. Peace is not about things going well or not, because those are thought movements looking for an identity. For example, I get a promotion and now I feel good, the next day the boss decides that they don’t have the money and so I won’t being getting the promotion so now I am disappointed.  Peace has no judgment on the experience.  This is what some call Faith. Faith and peace meet at the same place.

Can you stand completely still in the presence as a person lies about you, calls you names, judges you, mocks you, says your religion is fake, etc… It can be quite difficult if we are being real with it.  Most people like the title of things but don’t bother to make the effort to do the work.  They love knowledge, books, workshops, craving more, more, and sometimes on the path, early on that is quite wonderful, but that ends up being co-dependence.  We need more, crave more, and yet peace is still there.  It is covered up with smokes of fake knowledge, others ways of seeing. We are dependent on Tolle, Dyer, Chopra, and some teachers to lead us, and they do, we just don’t want to go all the way.

Each of us has peace right where we are, but most are afraid to give up what they have known, for something they can’t seem to find or see. Yet if you knew who was looking through your eyes, you would stop talking to yourself, and listen.  Let me ask you something, when someone is speaking the truth to you, do you need proof, or do you question, when the truth hits us, we know. There is no thoughts that get in the way. Same with peace.  Thoughts seem to not matter anymore.  Seems odd to the mind, a mind that craves, gets, takes, wants, pleasure, and pain.

My blog is not to convince of anything, because most of you have read the great thinkers, mystics, poets, bible, Buddha text, and many of you from your emails are well versed in all of it.  My work is guiding you into it, allowing you to walk it, and be the example. Allowing you to see that you are really safe now.

You are already enlightened now.  But you fight it, because you tell yourself you can’t be enlightened yet because this hasn’t happened or that, or some big revelation, and you are right.  Because it isn’t big, loud, it’s simple, profound, and here.  There is no path, no road, no getting point, it is here.  It is difficult, but I have faith that you will discover it. What is difficult is to let go of approval, proving, finding the right answer, doing the right thing, finding the right partner, and resting in nothing. We live in a world describing everything and yet we must bring our weary tired stories to the indescribable to have our lives restored.  What do you really know now? What is really going on?

Give yourself a rest for 20 minutes a day and do nothing.

Truth has nothing to prove, it has no agenda. Blessings

David Matthew Brown is a messenger, who travels this path to bring a the inspiring news.  He is the author of THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING.  He contributes to PATHEOS, speaks at Unity Burbank and Westside Unity and facilitates workshop’s, meditations, and works with people in sessions.

“I heard David Matthew Brown speak one day in a small church in Burbank. I understand he devotes significant time to doing this. He is a fine inspirational speaker and he exudes a genuine quality refreshing to behold. So, I wasn’t surprised to see the same attributes present in his writing. The maxims about light in the first chapter grabbed me right off the bat. As an author myself and one who has done much research and contemplation on the information contained in both visible and spiritual light, I knew right away that Mr. Brown spoke from the heart with experience, not just from the head with concepts. But he goes further in describing metaphors about how best to convey our knowledge and stories of truth to others, an important topic, for realizations unshared never live up to their true potential. A great, accessible book of wisdom sayings to stimulate higher thought and feeling. You should really experience it!” ~ Peter Canova, Scholar of Gnosticism and bestselling author of Pope Annalisa


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