Do you believe “I think therefore I am”?

I remember sitting in a college class and the teacher quoting from, Descartes, “I think therefore I am.”  Like everything, consciousness is ever expanding and shifting the way in which see life.  We used to believe that the earth was square, now we know that it is not. We know this because someone questioned the [Read More…]

So… Where is this God who is love?

Life is a process, a process of going from talking about it, listening to it, and then finally walking it.  The process from the known which is everything you have ever accumulated in your life, such stories of the same relationships, same jobs, beliefs, expectations, needs, co-dependence, addictions, behaviors, bias, judgments, criticisms, self-hate, humiliation, abuse [Read More…]

H.I.M what?

So we seem to live in a world of greed, fame, lies, and gossip.  When we observe these behaviors they seem to come from lack of authenticity or honesty.  When one leads a a honest life, they also lead a modest life. Does that mean that they can’t be successful or have abundance? Not at [Read More…]

God Doesn’t Break You

I just read a fascinating quote, it suggests that God breaks you in order to be the light.  When I observe that, the first thing that stands out is this sense that God is doing something to you, that would be good or bad.  God is ALL presence.  This presence is for you, for life, [Read More…]

LIP service

I observed someone telling another that their friend had passed away.  The other , after hearing the news remarked, “I will hold you and your family in prayer.”  There was a long silence, as the two sat there in a slightly uncomfortable way. What can one say?  We say, “RIP” which means Rest In Peace. [Read More…]

The Lord’s Prayer (Translations from Aramaic)

Since we are here to expand to BIG LOVE; I offer you this wonderful translation to read over the next three days.  I love this a lot. This feels like what Jesus might have taught to his disciples. Here is the translation. Pass it on if you like.  SPEAK THIS POWERFUL PRAYER and contemplate this [Read More…]

Observe Life And Things Change

Today as I walked outside, I glanced at a flower.  The flower was open, colorful, and beautiful.  What a wonderful expression of life.  This is an easy example for all of us.  Just simply observe the flower, and as you observe the flower, in this new way, your language would change, you may say, “I [Read More…]

What the World Won’t Tell You

“3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good.” Genesis 1 3-4 As you sit in front of your television tonight, you will be reminded over an over of how you are not enough. It is of no fault of the media or advertisers either.  They [Read More…]

Humor: Calvin and Hobbs on the UNIVERSE

Life is enough and that is true. Discover that and you will discover YOU.  A little poetry, in joy the comic strip from Calvin and Hobbs.   [Read more…]

Emptying The House

There I was cleaning out my apartment. Taking out everything that no longer served. Clothes I hadn’t worn in over a year gone, shoes, toys for my daughter, anything and everything, I put in bags.  Swept the floors, clean the bathroom, kitchen, and opened all the windows.  I took a much needed rest on the [Read More…]