Dear ones enjoy the words of a prophet and see if you have discovered the truth.   “The One Thing You Must Do –  By  Rumi 13th century Persian Poet & Sufi Philosopher “There is one thing in this world that you must never forget to do. If you forget everything else and not this, [Read More…]


Dear Ones, in Hebrew breath/spirit are one. The name they give it is Ruah.  Breath in by saying in your mind, “Ru” and breath out “Ah” . Use this throughout your Sunday. [Read more…]


Dear ones do you see what you stand for: “The two words united represent the idea of the God-conscious man; in other words Hu, God, is in all things and beings, but it is man by whom he is known. Human therefore may be said to mean God-conscious, God-realized, or God-man.” [Read more…]

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Dear ones you are love.  Love, Love, love. Bath in it, be it, love it. Love just means acceptance. What you can’t accept, becomes struggle and pain.  Look at what you can’t accept and accept it.  It happened, big deal.  You are alive, learn and know. [Read more…]


Dear ones, life is simple.  The mind when not tamed, makes easy things complex. Life is never problematic, the problem is self created. You may find yourself in quick sand, and so you panic and miss all the help in getting out.  Or you may be in that same quick and acknowledge that “Yes I [Read More…]


Dear Ones use this day to be with your breath.  Follow the in breath all the way into the body and the out breath all the way out. Let your breath heal you and breath you.  When the breath is breathing you, your life will transform for the positive.  So for ten minutes today, find [Read More…]

December 16th: Mother Marys Words: Students of Love

Hello students of love. Today our course work is on being a student of love.  Everyone is teaching you about your love. Showing you back inside yourself. You are love and love is all there is. Can you remember the first time you fell in love? The discovery, the smells, the everything. Can you remember [Read More…]

Mother Mary’s Words: Welcome Home to Love

Mother Mary: As we approach another Christmas, a lot of people are focused on material giving and less on love, forgiveness, and healing. Most are concerned with meeting family, friends, which they have not seen for awhile. Their concern is always about fighting, rehashing, old habits, addictions, and less on forgiveness. This holiday season I [Read More…]