Love Simplifies And Ends Drama

Our call is to simply shut up, and listen. Listen to the silence. In listening to the silence, you learn how to strengthen your faith. In the silence you will be shepherded moment by moment and instructed breath by breath on your purpose here. Love is patient, love is faith, love has no story. Your breath in Faith will never stop breathing, because thinking has stopped, or slowed. When you think, you hold on to your breath. You are here to listen, respond, and move in loving action. [Read more…]

Pro-Love Movement-

How much killing, violence, hate, separation are you willing to take? Join the PRO-LOVE movement. Forget if guns don’t kill people, and people do. The point is we have guns and they are meant to kill and take lives. How pointless is that? Think about it. We used our minds to create ways to take other lives. I am sure we can use out minds now to create a better humanity. A humanity that takes action from love. That supports, works together, and helps each other sustain our life here for many years to come. [Read more…]

Christian Science Monitor: When tragedy strikes: a prayerful response to the shootings in Connecticut

I am sharing this beautiful article from THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR on the tragedy from Friday. Many people have been asking lots of questions about prayer, and God. This is a wonderful reminder on how each of us can be with this.

I continue to hold the families and this world in prayer. Trusting the Law of love. Bring your pain, feelings to me, and I will heal them. [Read more…]

From a Dad: No Guns, Pro-Love

You want to carry a gun, for what reason does it serve you, “false power, false toughness, false identity, false manliness, false convictions, etc…” Killing is unnatural, that is why people must be trained to kill. You also need to be trained to walk in love. That is tougher than pulling a trigger to be right. [Read more…]

Vulnerability Is Safe

Vulnerability is safe. When we enter fully into the presence as is and allow the unfolding to take place, we move with grace. The outside world has its ups and downs, but if we are connected to the inner world, the outside is just the outside. I understand from a metaphysical perspective that all is [Read More…]

Join me on 12-12-12

As for my end, if you live on the West Coast, I invite you to join me for an hour of silence from 8 pm PST- 9 pm PST. As we attune to the energy as a collective consciousness and pray for the people on the earth as well. [Read more…]

Give Your Light

Here is a recent interview on my book THE BOOK OF LIGHT and the place I dwell in. Enjoy the wonderful interview by Maria Felipe on Coconut TV         Buy: THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING [Read more…]

Forget Going Inward- Consumption Is Our God

We live on a planet where Earth is getting consumed by consumption. We are consumed by greed, lack, limitations, and well it seems like on a whole we are content with it. People wait in line like cattle for the next big electric thing, we go to eat out and the portions could feed a [Read More…]

Thinking is the Dream- Wake up from It!

The Book of Light: The Heart Opening is out around the globe now, and as people begin to buy the book and I begin to speak more and more on it, the one thing I hear more than any other comment is “simple can be quite profound.”  In the book I write about awakening from [Read More…]

Awareness Changes Everything

After you have been to workshops, read books, gone to motivational speakers, at some point you may realize that information is not knowledge. So where to start, because it is time for you to practice all the information you have memorized and allow it to live in you. Awareness is a wonderful key, in fact [Read More…]