My Master Teacher, Mother Earth

IT IS ALL LOVE, THERE IS NOTHING ELSE. Mother Earth wants you to listen tot his message and ponder your part in it. Your responsibility in love. How important you, each of you. It is not about looks, height, physicality, but feel deeply and you will know. [Read more…]

The End To The Story

If we want our politicians to be accountable then like athletes we should see their financial income and where it goes and who gives money to them. As servants to the country, we should know who they are serving. Our dollar bill says, IN GOD WE TRUST. But we don’t. We don’t trust the signals we are being sent now on this planet, we keep avoiding them.

[Read more…]

What if there really is only Love?

all is love [Read more…]

Stepping Up To Bullies In A New Way

So I asked the group, “What if you saw yourself in the other?” The answers will stay between myself and the group. As individuals, groups, we need to listen and have healthy dialogue with each other. [Read more…]

You Are Really a Super Hero- Experience it

Trust me. You will feel great after. This music is celebrating the hero in YOU!! We are all hero’s. Here to help humanity!! [Read more…]

Rise Of The Guardians- Go See!

Most people feel if they are in a religion, spiritual practice that they have attained some truth. Most of it is in the mind and not lived. Live the message in your body, actions, mind, and words. You are the message of light! [Read more…]

True Equality

May you step into to true equality which is now. Yes you will experience obstacles, valley’s, but you will be a leader for generations to come. [Read more…]

The Vision For The World

You must go inside and rid yourself of all fear. So you can stand in Light. There will be obstacles and you will be called to trust in your feelings, guidance, and uncover the question, “Why am I frightened to be all one?” All perfection will be wiped out, and a sense of purpose will be uncovered. Are you ready? [Read more…]

Knowing ThySelf Is Not For Wimps

You will discover that living a purposeful life is far better than living in perfection. It is difficult to stand in now. Fear would express standing in the now as conflict, and love looks at standing in the now as friendship. Knowing yourself is developing a friendship with now. [Read more…]

Real Love Doesn’t Make You Suffer By Eckhart Tolle

Love and joy are inseparable from your natural state of inner connectedness with Being. Glimpses of love and joy or brief moments of deep peace are possible whenever a gap occurs in the stream of thought. [Read more…]