Welcome back to the Naked Mystic, I encourage you to listen listen to the 3 min talk entitled “To Be Or Not To Be”. It will help you tap into your innate power called the I AM. [Read more…]

Contemplating Your Breath

Contemplating your breath [Read more…]

The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening

In awareness of your body now, allow your attention to rest on the breath. As the attention rests on the breath, you may notice that the breath becomes conscious to you and as this happens the breath deepens. You are meant to BE PRESENT. [Read more…]

Tomorrow is a thought Concept?

We spend our time here on planet earth, doing, looking, searching, worried, anxious, and yet on the other hand we are told that life is existing now in perfect aliveness.  As I watched the TV last night, every commercial was geared toward a future problem, suffering from this or that, or you need a new [Read More…]

Love your neighbor?

We walk in a world that is filled with compulsion, a world in which unconscious people are unconscious of being unconscious, where an eye for an eye feels good, revenge is glorified, war amplified, hurts, pains, and yet we are told in spite of anothers actions to send love, pray for them. [Read more…]

DESIRE by RUMI read by Demi Moore and Deepak Chopra,

Rumi Poetry Desire by Deepak Chopra and Demi Moore [Read more…]

At a Laundry mat, Hunter Pence really?

“get in here, everyone get in here..look into each other! look into each others eyes, I want one more day with you, it’s the most fun, the best team I have ever been on, and no matter what happens we must not give in, we owe it to each other, play for each other, I need one more day with you guys, I need to see what Theriot will wear tomorrow, I want to play defense behind Vogelsong because he’s never been to the for each other not yourself, win each moment, win each inning, it’s all we have left”. [Read more…]

Are you hungry?

Someone sent me an email the other day asking the question, “David, what is God?”. I remember 5 years ago I had the wonderful Dr. David Hawkins on my radio show, who recently passed away, and I was curious and asked him the same question, and he didn’t answer it, he just laughed. I will not just laugh the question off, because this is a blog and the question is asking for an answer. But I am smiling, just so you know. [Read more…]

Osho “Being Love” Really beautiful

“…Man becomes mature the moment he starts loving rather than needing. He starts overflowing, sharing; he starts giving. The emphasis is totally different. With the first, the emphasis is on how to get more. With the second, the emphasis is on how to give, how to give more, and how to give unconditionally. This is growth, maturity, coming to you. [Read more…]

Do you have a Timothy in your life?

On this path of discovery, learning, growing, and  forgiveness, all which allows us the opportunity to live in the presence, with less stress, we have the chance to meet many people. Some of those people stay, some go, some last for just a second, or minute. Some we talk too on our way to work, [Read More…]