Love…then maybe fear

Our very nature as stated in almost every religion, spiritual center, new age book, self help book, and Quantum physics is Love.¬† Doesn’t matter who you read, where you go, what you are doing, as long as love¬† is full. Which leads me to this…the only real choice you have if love is all there [Read More…]

No Arrivals Here

The path of the heart is for you to discover your heart in your temple and discover your relationship as well with it. Develop a intimate relationship with your heart. Then you will see that ordinary life is extra ordinary sometimes. Most people live to be extra ordinary all of the time, and negate the ordinary. Peace… [Read more…]

Translation of The Lords Prayer

Gently whisper to us in our breath, and bring us back into our hearts.

May we forgive always.

Heaven has been created, and heaven is here.

Holy, holy, holy we rest in the kingdom within.

Amen-Ra [Read more…]