Day 52 of 90: Moksha Yoga, The “D” Word And Miracles

…allow the breath to express the pose. [Read more…]

No Finish Line

In a world geared toward achievement, goals, awards, and end points, we discover in love that in our seeking of it, there is no finish line.  Sure you will have insights, or “AHHA” moments, but that is part of the unfolding process of love.  Love is an everyday process, constantly expanding itself. Love is who [Read More…]

“What Would Jesus Do?” Actually What would you do?

So our work in this life is to figure out what is standing in the way of our FULL EXPRESSION and to rid ourselves of it. Go inside and find out what Jesus was saying and stop quoting him and telling everyone what he would do and all the while live your life not dong any of it. So “what would you do? How would you stop someone who was hating on you… [Read more…]

Christian Science Monitor: When tragedy strikes: a prayerful response to the shootings in Connecticut

I am sharing this beautiful article from THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR on the tragedy from Friday. Many people have been asking lots of questions about prayer, and God. This is a wonderful reminder on how each of us can be with this.

I continue to hold the families and this world in prayer. Trusting the Law of love. Bring your pain, feelings to me, and I will heal them. [Read more…]

Love your neighbor?

We walk in a world that is filled with compulsion, a world in which unconscious people are unconscious of being unconscious, where an eye for an eye feels good, revenge is glorified, war amplified, hurts, pains, and yet we are told in spite of anothers actions to send love, pray for them. [Read more…]