Dear Mom, Love Sun

hank you for doing my make-up in 8th grade on my first stage show and being so proud of me as I grunted as lipstick was put on me. Thank you for just being there, no matter what, and enjoying the ride. I appreciate you and thank you so much. I love you and I am very proud that somewhere before we got her, we made a contract together. Have a beautiful Mothers Day! Keep Shining! [Read more…]

Love Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

I had the wonderful opportunity about three years ago to run in the Los Angeles marathon. When training began it seemed overwhelming, but after talking to the coaches I was reassured that it would be okay. We started off with little runs, and then moved on the weekends to bigger runs. Before I trained for [Read More…]

Heart Workers

A young woman was planting seeds for her garden.  As she was planting the seeds, she heard the birds whistling. She continued to look down and plant, and yet more birds whistled and sang.  She was so moved by the birds she looked up, it was then she saw the sun. The sun was rising [Read More…]