I love sharing and today’s by Neale Donald Walsch is well worth it.  This is not mine and I do not own it. DO AMERICANS DESERVE A CONGRESS THAT ACTUALLY VOTES? by Neale Donald Walsch February 13, 2013 Most Republicans say ‘No! Don’t make me do it!’ U.S. President Barack Obama issued a public dare [Read More…]

Leaves Falling In the Fall

Leaves Falling In Fall [Read more…]

Join me on 12-12-12

As for my end, if you live on the West Coast, I invite you to join me for an hour of silence from 8 pm PST- 9 pm PST. As we attune to the energy as a collective consciousness and pray for the people on the earth as well. [Read more…]

The Story of Jesus is You?

I must admit that I have had trouble with how the main interpretation of Jesus has been looked at. One of the best spiritual books written is the bible, no doubt. I have taken the bible as literal and have taken the bible as fact, and now my journey has led me to believe that the bible is not fact or even history [Read more…]

Light Knight Rising

This message is one in which we can begin to recognize who we really are.  So when you close eyes, where are you? Where is this body you cling too?  When the eyes are closed it seems to be gone, the only reminder of the body is the senses you have.  So my question to [Read More…]

To Be Or I Can’t It’s to Difficult

Shakespeare is famous for writing the words, “to be or not to be that is the question.”  Actually I feel the sentence should read, “to be or I can’t it’s to difficult.”  Most people don’t know they have a choice in their life. Because if they did they would make more informed, loving choices.  Yes [Read More…]

The 22 Songs of Joy

The 22 Songs of Joy- read them, catch any reaction or quick judgment.  Then simply be with the sentence and contemplate. These sentences are not made for the mind.      Nothing is realized in one that is all. A light shines always. Sometimes the bugs come and it looks clouded.  If your attention is [Read More…]


This is enough, nothing to add or take away, no judgement, complaints, good, bad, no more creating stories of people, separation..Just this…love silence [Read more…]

Light of the World

January 1st 2012- Welcome! Let me make a suggestion for the new year.  Sit down with a piece of paper and pen, and write yourself a love letter.  Then sign it and put it in a envelope and send it to yourself.  Romance yourself.  All the things you wish another would say about you, say [Read More…]

2012- If?

Entering another new year. Some believe this is the end, some believe this is the beginning, some disagree with it all, some don’t care, and yet does it matter? They are opinions on a year. What matters is now. How are you being now? Am I coming from my heart or head? Remember joy is [Read More…]