Day 63 of 90: Moksha Yoga, The YES Machine

Day 63 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA  and after experiencing a day that was non-stop busy, I showed up for the last class of the night, YIN with teacher Katie.  It was good to be back in one of Katie’s classes, she has a warm presence and wonderful style [Read More…]

Day 61 of 90: Moksha Yoga, Transitions

Day 61 of 90 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Yoga LA and as I entered Moksha, I heard they are changing the name in the states to MODO. So soon you will read MODO YOGA not Moksha YOGA.  Today as I entered practice, I entered with a month to go till I reach [Read More…]

I plead the 5th

As always, I invite you not to trust me but discover it for yourself. Spend time hearing the breath, your breath. And as you are aware of the breath, see if there is really anything to talk about. And when you meet a friend, hear the breath, and heart them, and see if the conversation becomes deeper and richer and real and vulnerable. Rest in your breath. Let me know how it goes? [Read more…]

Ignite The Light Within

After awhile you begin to simply watch yourself, which comes from deep listening. When we listen deeply with our whole being we become receptors of the presence, and our life becomes presence listening to presence and taking action from the light itself. We are all light reflectors, reflecting the BIG light. To make that switch from outside to inside only takes one thing: [Read more…]

Shaking Your World Free

So imagine spending most of your life in this statement, “I am not enough”, then you decide that doesn’t work anymore, so you change it to, ” I AM LOVE”. Well expect an earthquake, a big one. Because your world will shake it self out, everything will fall apart. And the only ride you can hop on is I AM, as the I AM brings forth LOVE as the experience. That is why words are important and abiding in the I AM (God) is faith. Because faith is the unknown, you have left what you have known, “I am not enough” to now entering what you do not know, which is LOVE. [Read more…]

Contemplating Your Breath

Contemplating your breath [Read more…]

The Naked Mystic: Total Recall

Each of us, whether we notice it or not, want to admit it to anyone or not, something is happening. We are in the middle of something amazing.  Do you feel it? Are you wondering what it is? IT’S YOU, AND I, understanding that we are connected.  We are one family.  Have you noticed that [Read More…]

Emptying The House

There I was cleaning out my apartment. Taking out everything that no longer served. Clothes I hadn’t worn in over a year gone, shoes, toys for my daughter, anything and everything, I put in bags.  Swept the floors, clean the bathroom, kitchen, and opened all the windows.  I took a much needed rest on the [Read More…]

It’s Like Walking A Dog and Playing Basketball

So we continue on our journey together, our practice.  Our practice is making the breath your religion.  All athletes practice their craft.  In basketball you learn to dribble, pass, shoot, and play defense.  Everyday they  show up to the gym and practice with their team mates.  The coach instructs them on different plays, how the [Read More…]

Love yourself, Stop Beating yourself up…

Each of us has heard it at some point in our life, “love yourself, you are to hard on yourself.”  So you are thinking, how do I do that? Being gentle with yourself, will bring forth gentleness in the world. But most of us are not gentle with ourselves, in fact when I meet clients [Read More…]