The Naked Mystic: Can’t Out Wit God

…. how can we deal with such stories that we know are not true? When others believe them as well and friends turn on friends, or families turn on families because people forget to question the story they are listening too. It can be quite painful, and hurtful when others create drama, chaos, and lies about you. [Read more…]

The Great Escape

As we continue to speak on the topic of unconditional presence, we come across the great escape.  The escape that each of us makes throughout the day, the escape that has us trying to leave the presence and go to an imaginary land filled with fantasy.  In order to understand the escape we must look [Read More…]

Feeling Lost?

Most people feel lost in some way, whether that is in their career, relationships, money, health, somewhere or some part of their life they feel a sense of disconnection from the whole. That is expressed with, “I feel lost”, “I don’t know who I am”, or subtle forms, “Its my partners fault”, “My boss has [Read More…]

I have issues…with you?

We seem to live in a society where everyone is looking out.  It reminds me of someone who is looking in a mirror and wanting the mirror to change. The mirror just won’t change itself. In my energy work and working with individuals; what I have discovered is that the first session is about what [Read More…]