Critical Free Zone

crit·i·cal [krit-i-kuhl]  Show IPA adjective 1. inclined to find fault or to judge with severity, often tooreadily. —————————————————————————————- It has become common practice to be critical on the planet.  Turn on the radio and some shock jock is being critical of someone’s clothes, relationship, job, money, spiritual life, politics,etc…and they are paid for it. In fact most relationships find it common place to be critical [Read More…]

Divine Mother Health Care Plan

Well the Supreme Court has just upheld Obama Care.   Both parties are quickly running to the press to claim how amazing they are and why we should vote for them.  All day media outlets will be running live reactions and reports of decision and seeing how you feel about the it.  So I am [Read More…]

I have issues…with you?

We seem to live in a society where everyone is looking out.  It reminds me of someone who is looking in a mirror and wanting the mirror to change. The mirror just won’t change itself. In my energy work and working with individuals; what I have discovered is that the first session is about what [Read More…]