Created to Love Not Kill

We maybe can re-look at the old paradigm of love and re-name it acceptance. With acceptance comes compassion, kindness, alertness, safety, wisdom, and deep appreciation of what is now. We should really just turn to our loved ones and say “I accept you” and give up the words “I love you”. Because most of the time that kind of love wants, expects, needs, or controls the other. Can you imagine everyone saying “I accept you”. The type of love we talk about, glamorize, celebrate is really hate in disguise. And hate kills. It kills the spirit, the heart, you, and the other person. How is it hate in disguise? The moment the expectation, need, perfection, control, or want isn’t met then it leads to a tantrum or what we would call hate. So really it isn’t love we crave, because by craving love, we crave love and hate. What we really crave is acceptance. [Read more…]

Got Love?

We live in a society where love is sung about, written about, talked about, looked for, and we are told that without it then life sucks.  Yet, most of what we actually know and our taught about love is outside of ourselves.  We are taught to give and yet we have troubling receiving.  In relationships, [Read More…]