True Equality

May you step into to true equality which is now. Yes you will experience obstacles, valley’s, but you will be a leader for generations to come. [Read more…]

The Vision For The World

You must go inside and rid yourself of all fear. So you can stand in Light. There will be obstacles and you will be called to trust in your feelings, guidance, and uncover the question, “Why am I frightened to be all one?” All perfection will be wiped out, and a sense of purpose will be uncovered. Are you ready? [Read more…]

Knowing ThySelf Is Not For Wimps

You will discover that living a purposeful life is far better than living in perfection. It is difficult to stand in now. Fear would express standing in the now as conflict, and love looks at standing in the now as friendship. Knowing yourself is developing a friendship with now. [Read more…]

Real Love Doesn’t Make You Suffer By Eckhart Tolle

Love and joy are inseparable from your natural state of inner connectedness with Being. Glimpses of love and joy or brief moments of deep peace are possible whenever a gap occurs in the stream of thought. [Read more…]

Discovering The Language of God

and you ask for forgiveness for everyone, “They do not know what they do.” Then you are resurrected upon the world, free from the body noise, free from the world, that is what you crave. [Read more…]


A message for all of Humanity- pass it on- You are powerful [Read more…]

Created to Love Not Kill

We maybe can re-look at the old paradigm of love and re-name it acceptance. With acceptance comes compassion, kindness, alertness, safety, wisdom, and deep appreciation of what is now. We should really just turn to our loved ones and say “I accept you” and give up the words “I love you”. Because most of the time that kind of love wants, expects, needs, or controls the other. Can you imagine everyone saying “I accept you”. The type of love we talk about, glamorize, celebrate is really hate in disguise. And hate kills. It kills the spirit, the heart, you, and the other person. How is it hate in disguise? The moment the expectation, need, perfection, control, or want isn’t met then it leads to a tantrum or what we would call hate. So really it isn’t love we crave, because by craving love, we crave love and hate. What we really crave is acceptance. [Read more…]

Friends Like Emmanuel Dagher

by Emmanuel Dagher
Having known David for many years now, I find myself consistently
inspired by the love and kindness he exudes with
everyone he meets. The combination of his wisdom, strength,
honesty, and sensitivity sets a precedent for the new blueprint
that we are all becoming.
I met David when I was only a teenager, starry eyed & ready to
delve into a more conscious way of being. It all started when my
mom connected with David at a mind/body/spirit type of festival
where he came to her booth and they instantly hit it off. He then
invited her to attend one of his special meditation events. My
mom insisted that I go with her to meet her new friend & see
how ‘awesome’ he was. So, I did & from the moment I walked
into the room, I knew that I was ‘home’ after feeling into the
vibration of love that was set by David & the group of people he
was speaking to. [Read more…]

Shaking Your World Free

So imagine spending most of your life in this statement, “I am not enough”, then you decide that doesn’t work anymore, so you change it to, ” I AM LOVE”. Well expect an earthquake, a big one. Because your world will shake it self out, everything will fall apart. And the only ride you can hop on is I AM, as the I AM brings forth LOVE as the experience. That is why words are important and abiding in the I AM (God) is faith. Because faith is the unknown, you have left what you have known, “I am not enough” to now entering what you do not know, which is LOVE. [Read more…]

OSHO: Fear Of Commitment

The same happens in other human relationships: a man goes from one woman to another, goes on changing. People think he is a great lover; he is not a lover at all. He is avoiding, he is trying to avoid any deep involvement because with deep involvement problems have to be faced, and much pain has to be gone through. So one simply plays safe; one makes it a point never to go too deeply into somebody. If you go too deep you may not be able to come back easily. And if you go deeply into somebody, somebody else will go deeply into you also; it is always proportionate. If I go very deep in you the only way is to allow you also to go that deep in me. It is a give and take, it is a sharing. Then one may get entangled too much, and it will be difficult to escape and the pain may be much. So people learn how to play safe: just let surfaces meet — hit-and-run love affairs. Before you are caught, run.
[Read more…]