Gift Wrapped In Love

This path is quite difficult at first, we must acknowledge this. But because it is difficult it is worth it. What is difficult? Letting go of your pride, titles, who you think you are, your being right, and let it all go, to the source of all life. Then you will find great joy, love, and your life will be restored in a natural state. [Read more…]

Kahlil Gibran on Love

I have received many questions on the path to the heart (God-Light).   We are here to be naked in front of God. Since God is everything, we are here to drop our daggers, take off our clothes of illusion, and forgive those who have trespassed against us or that we have trespassed against.  There [Read More…]

Greatness of Soul

                We are here to express the greatness of soul.  To express that greatness we first must understand the foundation of the soul.  The soul is everywhere present at the same time. There is no place where the soul is not.  This omnipresent energy is everywhere. To acknowledge [Read More…]