Tomorrow is a thought Concept?

We spend our time here on planet earth, doing, looking, searching, worried, anxious, and yet on the other hand we are told that life is existing now in perfect aliveness.  As I watched the TV last night, every commercial was geared toward a future problem, suffering from this or that, or you need a new [Read More…]

The Naked Mystic: Why the fuss?

When you gaze at a tree and really see it, you will begin to see yourself. What makes a tree successful? Go on, contemplate that. You may say, “well the tree is present, expressive, has many different colors, growing, powerful, etc..” which describes to the tee, YOU! So why all the fuss? Why do we [Read More…]

Critical Free Zone

crit·i·cal [krit-i-kuhl]  Show IPA adjective 1. inclined to find fault or to judge with severity, often tooreadily. —————————————————————————————- It has become common practice to be critical on the planet.  Turn on the radio and some shock jock is being critical of someone’s clothes, relationship, job, money, spiritual life, politics,etc…and they are paid for it. In fact most relationships find it common place to be critical [Read More…]

The Gift of Insults

Enjoy this parable, and may you find the truth in it for yourself. The Gift of Insults Once there lived a very old warrior, and although he had grown old in age he remained able to defeat anyone who confronted him. Students would follow him, hoping to learn and receiving lessons from the old warrior’s [Read More…]

Stop Looking

Stop looking out there for it. Big deal right? Say it as many times as you wish and still nobody wants to listen, because they are busy looking for it. So what is everyone looking outside for.  What is it that if you found it out there, it will allow you such joy and happiness, [Read More…]


This is enough, nothing to add or take away, no judgement, complaints, good, bad, no more creating stories of people, separation..Just this…love silence [Read more…]