God Is Behind All Things- Keep it Real

Rule #2: Get straight within. Now you know who the boss is. This is where you go with everything and you listen within. That is it. Simple, profound, but hard has, you get the point. So take this into your week, stop the BS with yourself and everyone else. Don’t act perfect, like you know everything, give yourself up, give it all up, and listen. As you listen you co-create fast in the universe. [Read more…]

Inspirational Words- Pass It On

You are amazing!*Life is infinite* God is Love* We are family*Let your life uplift others*Every few hours pay attention to your breath*Like yourself*You belong*I belong*We belong in this world together*We are all connected*There are no bad people, just forgetful ones*Give yourself a break from your cell phone, computer, friends, family, and go for a long [Read More…]

Gabriel Speaks Up

Beloved ones the truth is shockingly simple and yet you fret at such an idea. The concept of enlightenment has always been made for the adventurer, journeyman, seeker, and yet when put in your face, you still can not see the simplicity of where you are.  Beloved means BE LOVED. You are loved by so [Read More…]

Gabriel wants to Speak

Listen to what the last message is. Stop dancing around the truth which is that you are the light of the world.  Your light is so immense that when you contemplated the magnitude of it all, it put you back into give up mode, or what you call “sticking to what you know.” There is [Read More…]

Message from Gabriel Part 1

Dear ones, Gabriel has a lot to say and I am inviting him to dialogue with David. This is powerful, so please read slowly.   David: Hello Gabriel. Gabriel: Hello David. David: Many people are tired. Tired of Knowing the intellectual idea of God and now they want to experience it in their hearts. They [Read More…]