Someone introduced me to this song called SAME LOVE…I love it…I love it as an expression of creativity. This man is a rap artist who grew up with two gay uncles as a child.  This song is inspired by them and his wish for equality for all. Which is the mission of this blog, “we [Read More…]

No Labels, Just Love

Jesus did all these things and got out there and talked about it. Wasn’t concerned with changing anybody, “The kingdom is within”. His was an invitation to leave everything you know and discover the inner. I am not speaking to religious organizations that propagate being saved, sinning, and making you wrong. What I am saying is once you discover the inner, it your work to stop the injustice, hate, bullying, war, out there with new ways of being on this planet. Look at Archbishop Desomd Tutu, Dali Lama, they are calling each of us to walk in love and stand up to fear. [Read more…]

God is Straight, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and loving it!

God is straight, gay, transgender, bi-sexual and none of these are higher than the other. They are equal in love, loved, and appreciated. On the level of oneness, love and loved are one. [Read more…]

Are you a postal worker who likes to dress in drag? God doesn’t mind

It is wonderful news and in fact rather good news for many people to read, “Are you a postal worker who likes to dress in drag? God doesn’t mind.”  In a society were what you look like matters, in a society where God is judgmental, or even picks an chooses who are saints, sinners, mystics, [Read More…]