The Naked Mystic: Butterflies Are Free

So I traveled down the trail to see some swimming holes that were around. Walking the trail I was reminded of the deep inner wisdom of nature, I was reminded of my own inner wisdom, my own creative expression, and the depths of life itself unfolding now. In this sense of connection, it occurred to me that walking in the presence of nature was very healing. It was healing in nature because nature IS. The more I AM, the more others can be their I AM, and healing occurs.
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The Naked Mystic: What Happened To Healing?

Our society is created by all of us. It is created on repetition. A story that continues to be played out in repetition in media, politics, newspapers, on the web, and the stories are made more vivid through the use of video and pictures.  That is the picture outside of ourselves.  The real repetition is [Read More…]

Be In Love 2012

Can you allow this moment to be as it actually is? To unfold with every breath. To experience this unfolding as though you are living in the unknown. Can you love the unknown? Without trying to figure it out, understand why this is happening, or even deny it.  Can you simply be in love with [Read More…]