Shaking Your World Free

So imagine spending most of your life in this statement, “I am not enough”, then you decide that doesn’t work anymore, so you change it to, ” I AM LOVE”. Well expect an earthquake, a big one. Because your world will shake it self out, everything will fall apart. And the only ride you can hop on is I AM, as the I AM brings forth LOVE as the experience. That is why words are important and abiding in the I AM (God) is faith. Because faith is the unknown, you have left what you have known, “I am not enough” to now entering what you do not know, which is LOVE. [Read more…]


Welcome back to the Naked Mystic, I encourage you to listen listen to the 3 min talk entitled “To Be Or Not To Be”. It will help you tap into your innate power called the I AM. [Read more…]

The Naked Mystic: Butterflies Are Free

So I traveled down the trail to see some swimming holes that were around. Walking the trail I was reminded of the deep inner wisdom of nature, I was reminded of my own inner wisdom, my own creative expression, and the depths of life itself unfolding now. In this sense of connection, it occurred to me that walking in the presence of nature was very healing. It was healing in nature because nature IS. The more I AM, the more others can be their I AM, and healing occurs.
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Kahlil Gibran on Love

I have received many questions on the path to the heart (God-Light).   We are here to be naked in front of God. Since God is everything, we are here to drop our daggers, take off our clothes of illusion, and forgive those who have trespassed against us or that we have trespassed against.  There [Read More…]

What You Seek, Seeks You

I have had the opportunity to sit with many individuals who are seeking to be something. Some are seeking a deeper understanding of spirit, some are seeking a better job or different job, some are seeking better health, and  list goes on. We are all seeking something.  Have you ever wondered what you are seeking? [Read More…]