Lie of the Mind

We have many shows showing us prison, jail, violence, and all kinds of nonsense.  Yet the biggest prison most are in is the mind.  The mind is a trap, a prison. The mind was originally designed to listen to the silence, capture a thought (inspiration) and take action from there. Instead we have become trapped [Read More…]

There is a lot of talk

There is a lot of talk about awakening, being awake, enlightenment, and then what follows is judgement- “They are not, she is, he is not.”  Perhaps everyone is wrong. There seems to be a lot of talk about now. Yet now seems to not want to talk so much.  Now is. There is no tricks, [Read More…]

Spirit and Matter

Spirit and Matter By David Matthew Brown Q: I have a question about spirit and matter, what is the difference? A: Lets dialogue about it. When you have this idea about spirit, spiritual things, and spiritual way of living and so forth…what does that bring up? Q: Well the first thing that comes to mind [Read More…]