In The Knowing

About four months before my daughter was born, 6 and half years ago, I had dream. At the time, we were unsure if we were having a boy or girl.  We wanted it to be a surprise.  I felt it was girl, most felt like it was boy, but on this night,  I drifted off [Read More…]

God Is Behind All Things- Keep it Real

Rule #2: Get straight within. Now you know who the boss is. This is where you go with everything and you listen within. That is it. Simple, profound, but hard has, you get the point. So take this into your week, stop the BS with yourself and everyone else. Don’t act perfect, like you know everything, give yourself up, give it all up, and listen. As you listen you co-create fast in the universe. [Read more…]

The King and the Monk a modern Parable

A king asked a monk, where is the breath you breath? Where is the music you play? Where is the love you speak of? Is it tangible? How come I can not see it?  The king insisted, “show me the actual music, come on show it to me, prove to me there is music.”  The [Read More…]

2012- If?

Entering another new year. Some believe this is the end, some believe this is the beginning, some disagree with it all, some don’t care, and yet does it matter? They are opinions on a year. What matters is now. How are you being now? Am I coming from my heart or head? Remember joy is [Read More…]