Day 11: Moksha, Yoga Of Sincerity

Day 11 of 30 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha Los Angeles, today I entered practice, changing classes at the last minute, which worked out well.     Something occurred in my practice that I would like to share, when I am truly present on my mat, then anticipation goes away, thinking slows down, and trust [Read More…]

The Naked Mystic: Butterflies Are Free

So I traveled down the trail to see some swimming holes that were around. Walking the trail I was reminded of the deep inner wisdom of nature, I was reminded of my own inner wisdom, my own creative expression, and the depths of life itself unfolding now. In this sense of connection, it occurred to me that walking in the presence of nature was very healing. It was healing in nature because nature IS. The more I AM, the more others can be their I AM, and healing occurs.
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The Revolution Is A Happening Around the World

There is a movement happening on this planet can you feel it?  It is happening here in Los Angeles, to New York, to Turkey, Canada, Europe, China, and Belgium. It is a revolution.  A revolution you say? Where? What? There are people who have decided because of circumstances, unhappiness, misery, struggle, pain that this conditioned [Read More…]