I plead the 5th

As always, I invite you not to trust me but discover it for yourself. Spend time hearing the breath, your breath. And as you are aware of the breath, see if there is really anything to talk about. And when you meet a friend, hear the breath, and heart them, and see if the conversation becomes deeper and richer and real and vulnerable. Rest in your breath. Let me know how it goes? [Read more…]


2. When you die, you can’t take anything, so give it all away.

3. Forgive. People are doing their best. Truly. They are. So are you so give yourself a break too.

4. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad, so laugh.

5. Finally, drum roll please…admit… [Read more…]

Tom Kenyon – The Ghandarva Experience – 23rd Psalm

I have had the good fortune to experience the music of many great healers, Tom Kenyon’s work is extraordinary. His voice is amazing.  Here is Tom singing Psalm 23.  Quite powerful, simple, and healing. If you need a space to rest for 5 minutes, then listen in and close your eyes and relax. His site [Read More…]

My Friend Harvey.

It baffles me to hear that we still struggle on this planet with marriage for same sex couples, what I learned is love is love. Harvey loved life and loved people. He could care less about anything else, but loving. Today he still reminds that love always wins. You can fight it, create rules, separate, do everything you want to keep it away, but love will win… [Read more…]

The Metaphor Of Love

The smell of the rose filled up the garden. The woman smiled and prayed again over the rose, during her prayer she stopped, and felt as though the rose was praying for her now. She smelled the scent of the rose, and began to weep. For now this flower which she so loved was loving her back. A miracle had occurred. [Read more…]