The Naked Mystic: Lust

Got your attention, I am sure when you read naked and lust, your mind probably thought finally, lets talk sex.  Which will be explored by the end of the week.  We have been discussing being naked in God.  What we know is that we are naked in God.  Meaning you can’t hide anything.  We are [Read More…]

Your Naked Already

Love is always present. We are simply discovering all the ways in which we try to hide it away and protect ourselves.  But our protection is really the hurts, wounds, and pain inside we refuse to look at.  As we see them and realize that life is happening and it doesn’t wait for anything; we [Read More…]

New Omni-Wonder (NOW)

There are many books, lectures, seminars, blogs, and material on the the now.  When we stop blaming and start owning what we put out, or in other words stand in our independence which is freedom; we begin to enter the present state.  The present state is new, it is everywhere and has no time constraints, [Read More…]

God Doesn’t Break You

I just read a fascinating quote, it suggests that God breaks you in order to be the light.  When I observe that, the first thing that stands out is this sense that God is doing something to you, that would be good or bad.  God is ALL presence.  This presence is for you, for life, [Read More…]

The Great Escape

As we continue to speak on the topic of unconditional presence, we come across the great escape.  The escape that each of us makes throughout the day, the escape that has us trying to leave the presence and go to an imaginary land filled with fantasy.  In order to understand the escape we must look [Read More…]