Affirming Love Law (ALL)

I remind myself now that there is only one mind, and that mind expresses love.  That love is expressed in life and that life and love are one. I recognize that love is expressed in the birds, trees, leaves, animals, earth, water, in every being that walks, runs, plays, and that this law is always [Read More…]

Love Sessions

If you would like to inquire on this process, then feel free to contact me and schedule a session for the NEW YOU! Lead from your heart. Be more creative, laugh more, travel, and love to adventure. Express from your heart!! [Read more…]

Give Your Light

Here is a recent interview on my book THE BOOK OF LIGHT and the place I dwell in. Enjoy the wonderful interview by Maria Felipe on Coconut TV         Buy: THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING [Read more…]

Awareness Changes Everything

After you have been to workshops, read books, gone to motivational speakers, at some point you may realize that information is not knowledge. So where to start, because it is time for you to practice all the information you have memorized and allow it to live in you. Awareness is a wonderful key, in fact [Read More…]

My Master Teacher, Mother Earth

IT IS ALL LOVE, THERE IS NOTHING ELSE. Mother Earth wants you to listen tot his message and ponder your part in it. Your responsibility in love. How important you, each of you. It is not about looks, height, physicality, but feel deeply and you will know. [Read more…]

Prayer From Gandhi

A prayer from Gandhi… [Read more…]

The Vision For The World

You must go inside and rid yourself of all fear. So you can stand in Light. There will be obstacles and you will be called to trust in your feelings, guidance, and uncover the question, “Why am I frightened to be all one?” All perfection will be wiped out, and a sense of purpose will be uncovered. Are you ready? [Read more…]

Knowing ThySelf Is Not For Wimps

You will discover that living a purposeful life is far better than living in perfection. It is difficult to stand in now. Fear would express standing in the now as conflict, and love looks at standing in the now as friendship. Knowing yourself is developing a friendship with now. [Read more…]


Welcome back to the Naked Mystic, I encourage you to listen listen to the 3 min talk entitled “To Be Or Not To Be”. It will help you tap into your innate power called the I AM. [Read more…]

The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening

In awareness of your body now, allow your attention to rest on the breath. As the attention rests on the breath, you may notice that the breath becomes conscious to you and as this happens the breath deepens. You are meant to BE PRESENT. [Read more…]