Who Would I Be? And Faith

The thief is the thought. The thief wanting to take me into the future, the past, anywhere but living and breathing here. The thief worked very hard, and was convincing with its smooth talking, stories, and yet as I was aware of the thief, another thought emerged from the valley of the my soul, “Who would I be without thought?” [Read more…]

The Naked Mystic: What Happened To Healing?

Our society is created by all of us. It is created on repetition. A story that continues to be played out in repetition in media, politics, newspapers, on the web, and the stories are made more vivid through the use of video and pictures.  That is the picture outside of ourselves.  The real repetition is [Read More…]


The Good News It would appear to most of us that if you are reading the newspapers, watching the news, listening to the radio, that everyone is talking about the bad news. There doesn’t seem to be any “good news”. Here and there is a story of someone who overcame their life situation to help [Read More…]