Wired To Love

Not love as a door mat, something to walk on, but real authentic empowered love. EMPOWERED FROM THE HEART love. Where living in your heart is normal, being transparent in politics, business, school,banking, media, is the golden rule. That we hold everything to love, everything. And those who treat others with complete disregard are stood up too. Love is not a coward to those who are violent, oppressing others, and controlling. It is disappointing that we don’t hold our leaders to highest regard, we need too. A politician serves the country, so why do we have lobbyists? Why do we have leaders who give themselves pay raises for not doing their jobs and then tell the country to work hard, why? When did going to church, and spiritual centers become a show? We have ministers, Reverends who are bigger then their spiritual homes or churches and no one cares? We have leaders who don’t walk their walk, teachers who don’t teach what they preach, and yet we are wired to love. WHY ISN’T LOVE GETTING ANGRY AND STANDING UP NOW? Where is the lovers of love? Love is not a cowardly lion.. [Read more…]

STAND IN LOVE- A New Declaration For A New World

Yes the world is ending and breaking free, into Love. You are very important to this mission. so BE KIND TO EACH OTHER. We need each other more than ever. [Read more…]