Shine Your Awesomeness

Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking at Unity Burbank. It is a great community filled with inspiring music, laughter, and joy.  I have been speaking there on rotation for over 3 and half years. The first Sunday of every month I speak.  I marvel at how quickly another year has passed, as we [Read More…]


This song came on recently.  I was fascinated by the energy, Vigor, and thanksgiving. So today writing this blog, I decided to look up the lyrics. HALLELUJAH defined as a act or praise for God. Whether you use nothingness, infinite, omnipotent, etc…in place of the word God, is up to you.  The mere fact that [Read More…]

Being In Gratitude

BIG is what I like to call each of our lives. The impatient mind would like us to believe that life should be happening a different way.  As it puffs, blames, complains, reacts, gets angry, etc…when the opportunity is… can you be grateful for everything in your life. EVERYTHING as it is unfolding right now.  [Read More…]

Sensation Of Appreciation

Dear ones there is a wonderful lesson in appreciation.  Appreciation is love, turned into thanksgiving.  Spend your day silently saying to yourself, “I appreciate this cup of coffee in my hands, or I appreciate listening to the birds right now.”  Appreciate everything that is in your life right now. You will begin to see the [Read More…]