Don’t Read This…

This may not be something that you want to read right now.  I am warning you, because what you may  uncover as you read the following blog post is something that may challenge everything you believe.  Our beliefs keep us comfortable.  Most people don’t want to question their beliefs or idea’s, “This is what I [Read More…]


It is natural for each of us to live in a state of awe. What is unnatural is a state most live in.  We are very comfortable living in labels, gossip, judgement, etc…which actually happen after the AWE sense. Each of us live in this state. Now if you can observe that in mere seconds [Read More…]

When pushed, be kind

Beloved ones you have the saying all your life, when pushed, push back.  There is one flaw in it that doesn’t work.  It is the suggestion that you are both separate from each other.  My suggestion to you is that if another is causing reaction inside you that creates violence in your life then you [Read More…]