Are you curious if you are a HIB?

The other day I appeared on a radio show. The topic was on “unconditional love”.  As we continued to dialogue on the topic and discover the core of living an unconditional life, the host kept bring up being.  So I asked her, “When you use being, or be this, or that, what actually are referring [Read More…]


Over the past several weeks I have had the incredible opportunity to sit with some amazing people; each client has come to me with what appears to be a different crisis, problem, and situation. And yet they all seem to have the same core issue, value.  As I listen, the following question comes up, “What [Read More…]

Heart Workers

A young woman was planting seeds for her garden.  As she was planting the seeds, she heard the birds whistling. She continued to look down and plant, and yet more birds whistled and sang.  She was so moved by the birds she looked up, it was then she saw the sun. The sun was rising [Read More…]