The Book of Easter

This is a good time to resurrect from yourself. The following week connect with your inner voice. Till all you hear is that voice and nothing else. When you can hear it, go to it, trust, live from it, it is with you, and soft. It speaks of inclusion and stand up for the unjust, violent, unjust leaders, people who take, people who judge, so love is stronger than war, love is stronger than judgement, love is stronger than anything a computer can do, love is our yearning. Are you thirsty for love? Hungry for love? Now is the time to resurrect. NOW. The message of Jesus, Buddha, Rumi is the same, INCLUSION FOR ALL. IF any group, religion, spiritual center, business, corporation is built on inclusion they are not made from love, not God’s love, the same love Jesus walked. He never preached death, killing, and stood up against the unjust. [Read more…]